Need to rent some gear? 

We understand that not all divers are ready to invest in owning a full set of dive gear.  Whether you need a full set of gear for a week long dive trip or just a cylinder of air or 2 for the weekend, we've got you covered.


Rent vs. Own

We get it, dive gear can be expensive.  If you dive once a year as part of your vacation, rental may be the way to go.  For those who dive more often, or want the comfort of knowing all of the gear and how its cared for, owning may be more cost effective in the long run.



Package            $75
BCD                   $25
Dive Computer  $20
Al. 80 – Air         $15

Package            $375
BCD                   $125
Dive Computer  $100



"I would happily rent from Undersea Outfitters again".

“I needed a set of rental gear for a week-long dive trip. The rental equipment was in great shape and performed flawlessly. I would happily rent from Undersea Outfitters again.”

— E.V.

"Custom Nitrox blend, No Problem!"

“Headed to Ocean City for a day of spearfishing.  Knowing the wrecks would be roughly 85-90 feet, I requested a custom Nitrox blend to maximize my bottom time.  'No Problem' was the response - they were ready for me the next day."

— T.G.